Campaign for the Return of the FRAPH/FADH Documents

Between 1997 and 2000 the Haiti Support Group backed the Campaign, launched by Haitian grassroots organisations, with supporters in over 30 countries, that demanded the return of approximately 160,000 pages of documents (including "trophy photos" of human rights victims with their torturers, as well as video and audiocassettes) removed from Haitian military (FADH) and paramilitary (FRAPH) offices by U.S. troops in 1994.


The US wants to delete the names
of US citizens from the FRAPH/FAHD documents










These documents were the legal property of Haiti under national and international law. They were regarded as important for Haitians to establish the truth about the 1991-94 military dictatorship, and to prepare cases against those responsible for the regime's human rights violations. See Haiti Briefing No 30, 33, 34

The Haiti Support Group participated in the Campaign by collecting signatures for an international petition demanding that the United States government return the full and uncensored documents to Haiti. The petition was signed by thousands of individuals and organisations all over the world.

For the text of an article about the Documents Campaign by Brian Concannon of the International Lawyers' Office in Port-au-Prince see Concannon article

Fraph leader, Joel Chamblain, on a pro-U.S demonstration in 1994.
Photo by Leah Gordon

The Campaign in Europe
The Haiti Support Group coordinated the collection of signatures for the Campaign from individuals and organisations outside North America and the Caribbean.
Victim of the FRAPH death squad in the slum area of Cité Soleil in 1994. Photo by Leah Gordon.
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eu manifesto

Everyone knows that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Few people however know that the EU is the largest single development aid donor to the country. Yet for more than 15 years, the European Commission has failed to provide the European Parliament and the European taxpayer with even the most basic national development assessment for the hundreds of millions of Euros invested in Haiti. This case study aims to underline some of the principal concerns we have regarding EU aid spending in Haiti and will also offer some practical suggestions to MEPs for action on aid accountability and policy.



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haiti 78 front page

The Haiti Briefing, available in English and French and Spanish, is the key publication of the Haiti Support Group. Published quarterly, since 1992, it provides our members, Haiti watchers and decision-makers with analysis of Haiti's development issues, reflected through the voices of popular organisations on the ground. Back issues are available in our archive. The latest issue (No. 78) examines the current political landscape in Haiti. Just months after Jean-Claude Duvalier’s death, and five years to the day that the earthquake struck, Haiti will become a dictatorship once again and as such will take one more giant step back to its Duvalierist past. Read this latest version entitled "Who needs elections?" here.

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